Allosaurus Coloring Pages

This is an allosaurus

Allosaurus dinosaurs are so much fun to color because they have interesting skulls. The Allosaurus had a short neck and a narrow, elongated skull, which was extra-large, like the other big carnivorous theropods. It had a pair of small horns above its eyes which made it unique looking.

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Color in this thirsty Allosaurus

This Allosaurus had a long day of running around the forest with his friends. After all that exercise, he became thirsty and began walking to the lake to get some water. While on the walk, he stopped for a little bit to enjoy the trees and scenery around him. What color or colors will you … Read more

Color in this happy Allosaurus

The name Allosaurus means “different lizard”. It was given the name because of the unique shape of its spine. What other features do you think make them different? You can use whatever colors you like on this happy Allosaurus below to make them even more unique. Don’t forget to color in the volcano and scenery … Read more