Apatosaurus Coloring Pages

Apatosaurus dinosaurs are so much fun to color because they have big necks and tails. You can make them any color you want. They are free to download and print. Have fun choosing apatosaurs to color!

We have also included Brachiosaurus and Brontosuaurs dinosaurs in the coloring pages collection below. While not the same they are similar sauropods and equally fun to color.

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Cuddly Apatosaurus with mother

This baby Apatosaurus hatched and had eventful day exploring with its mom around them. This really tired them out and made them ready for a nap. The baby was having trouble getting comfy, so the mother offered to cuddle to help them get to sleep. This helped and the baby had a nice, long, and … Read more

What color will you make this Brachiosaurus?

The name Brachiosaurus means “arm lizard” in Greek. They are given this name because of their long arms. In addition to having long arms, the Brachiosaurus also has a long neck and is quite tall. As you can see in this picture, this Brachiosaurus is taller than the tree beside it. What other features do … Read more

Wandering baby Brontosaurus

This baby Brontosaurus hatched about a week ago and their parents finally let them explore the forest nearby. While exploring, they were excited and happy to see all plants and scenary around them. This Brontosaurus really liked the trees since they were closer to the same size of them. What color will you make the … Read more

Fearless Brontosaurus

While this Brontosaurus was on its way to meet a friend, their friend said his other friend would be joining them. This Brontosaurus sometimes gets nervous and shy when meeting new people. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to go still, but he chose to be fearless and face his fears. Color in this fearless … Read more

Apatosaurus coloring page

What color will you make this happy Apatosaurus?

This happy apatosaurus was going for the walk to find some food. He saw some friends trying to get food on the tall trees, but they were too short. Luckily, thanks to the long neck on the apatosaurus, he was able to reach the food and share it with his friends. Color in this happy … Read more