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Triceratops Fact Sheet

Ready to learn about the three horned dinosaur called the Triceratops. This dinosaur fact sheet about triceratops is free to download as a printable PDF document. What does the name Triceratops mean? Triceratops translates to “three-horned face”. This name was given to it because of the three horns on its skull. What family was the … Read more

Color in Thomas Triceratops

Here is Thomas Triceratops standing in front of some prehistoric plants, with the mountains behind him. Thomas has some unique features, such as stripes or spots, so how will you color his to make him stand out among her friends and family? Will you color the stripes and spots in the same colors? Will use … Read more

Color in this silly Triceratops

This Triceratops went for a walk to get some food when he saw his friend in the distance. Instead of walking up to his friends and saying hello, he thought it would be funnier to yell out their name and startle them. When he did that, his friend jumped up screased, which made this silly … Read more

Curious baby Triceratops

This baby Triceratops just hatched earlier today and went to the nearby forest to explore. While exploring, they came across a prehistoric snail. The snail also hatched earlier in the day, so both were surprised when they saw each other. The Triceratops was happy, but the snail was slightly scared. Soon, they become good friends. … Read more

Baby Triceratops

This baby Triceratops went on a walk with their mother and, while on the walk, they witnessed a volcano erupting. This made them very excited because they love volcanos. What color will you make this happy and excited triceratops? Make sure to color in the volcano as well as the plants around them. You can … Read more