Unlucky Velociraptor

This Velociraptor was out for a walk to visit some friends. While walking, he found that nothing was going his way. He tripped in the mud, stubbed his toe, and lost his favorite keychain. This made him very upset, so to help him calm down, he went to a private space to let out a … Read more

Scared Velociraptor

Here is Velociraptor out for a walk around their house. While walking, their friend in the distance notices them and decides that to sneak up on them and startle them to play a joke. This really scared this Velociraptor and they jumped and screamed. After, they and their friend laughed about it. What color will … Read more

Velociraptor Out and About

This Velociraptor out to run some errands. He was so busy getting things done that he did not get to stop and enjoy the scenery around him. So he decided to walk a little slower and look around more. As he did that, a volcano started erupting and he was happy he slowed down to … Read more

Velociraptor Playing Tag

Here is the Velociraptor going for a walk with their friends. While in the walk, they decided to play tag. This Velociraptor got a bit of a head start and turned around to make see how far their friends were. They noticed the friends were close, so they quickly ran off to avoid getting tagged. … Read more

Velociraptor On A Walk

This Velociraptor going for a walk with their friends. While in the walk, they noticed a smoking volcano and thought it would be a good background for some pictures. Here is the Velociraptor smiling and posing for a picture, with a nice view of the volcano behind them. What color will you make this posing … Read more

Happy Velociraptor

Here is a happy Velociraptor on its way to visit family and friends. Visiting family and friends makes this Velociraptor even happier, so that is why there is a smile on their face. Who is your life do you get happy and excited to visit? This happy Velociraptor is ready to be colored. You can … Read more