T-Rex Coloring Pages

Tyrannosaurus Rex or T Rex dinosaurs are perhaps the most well-known dinosaurs among adults and kids. Tyrannosaurus is Greek for “tyrant lizard,” and “rex” means “king” in Latin. So, Tyrannosaurus Rex means “King of the Tyrant Lizards”. Enjoy these free T Rex coloring pages. We are adding more every week. They are downloadable and printable coloring pages.

Hatching baby Tyrannosaurus with mother

This baby Tyrannosaurus just hatched today. When they opened their eyes, the first thing they saw was thier mom looking down at them proudly. The baby is excited to explore this new world with their mom, as well as their siblings once they hatch. What color do you think Tyrannosaurus eggs are? Do you think … Read more

What color will you make this Tyrannosaurus?

Here is Tyrannosaurus that has just woken up and is ready to get on with his day. Today is a busy day because he is starting school. He is a little nervous about going to school but is excited to make new friends. What color will you makes this Tyrannosaurus? This Tyrannosaurus also has a … Read more

Tyrannosaurus Rex Fact Sheet

Ready to learn about the terrible lizard called the Tyrannosaurus Rex? This dinosaur fact sheet about the TRex is free to download as a printable PDF document. What does the name Tyrannosaurus Rex mean? Tyrannosaurus translates to “tyrant lizard”. The species name “rex” translated into “the King”, so the full name means “tyrant lizard the … Read more

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Posing Tyrannosaurus Rex By Volcano

This Tyrannosaurus Rex was out with a friend. While walking, their friend pulled out a camera to take some cute pictures of each other. While taking pictures, a volcano erupted so they thought it would be a good background for a picture. This coloring page shows this Tyrannosaurus Rex posing with the volcano. You get … Read more

Color in This Mischievous Tyrannosaurus Rex

This Tyrannosaurus Rex went for a walk to get some food when he saw his friend in the distance. Instead of walking up to his friends and saying hello, he thought it would be funnier to yell out their name and startle them. When he did that, his friend jumped up and screamed, which made … Read more

Goofy Tyrannosaurus Rex

This Tyrannosaurus Rex likes to make those around them laugh. One of their favorite ways to make people laugh is to make good faces. Below, you can see this Tyrannosaurus Rex practicing silly faces to do in front of their friends and family. What color will you make this goofy Tyrannosaurus Rex? Make sure to … Read more

Laughing Tyrannosaurus Rex

This Tyrannosaurus Rex was out for a walk when a volcano suddenly erupted. This scared him and made him jump in the air and almost fall over. His friend saw this happen and started laughing at him. At first he was upset, but then he found it funny and started laughing himself. You get to … Read more

Tyrannosaurus Rex In a Good Mood

Here is a Tyrannosaurus Rex going for a walk on a beautiful morning. This Tyrannosaurus Rex had a great sleep last night and woke up well-rested and ready to take on the day. They started the day with a walk to see the trees, mountains, and other scenery because it makes them happy. This happy … Read more

Scary Tyrannosaurus Rex

This Tyrannosaurus Rex is starting to grow up and wants to be known as scary instead of just cute. His friends told him that if he wants to come across as scary, then he should work on his scary faces. Do you think this Tyrannosaurus Rex is scary? You get to chose how you would … Read more

How fast do you think this Tyrannosaurus Rex can run?

Here is a Tyrannosaurus Rex going for her daily run in front of an erupting volcano. Tyrannosaurus Rex are known for being fairly quick dinosaurs thanks to their large, strong legs, so it is not a surprise that this Tyrannosaurus Rex likes to run so much. How fast do you think they can run? Enjoy … Read more

Detailed Tyrannosaurus Rex

Here is a Tyrannosaurus Rex posing for a picture. This Tyrannosaurus Rex is drawn a little differently than some of the other Tyrannosaurus Rex coloring pages. This one is more detailed and shaded than the rest. Just like people, it is likely that dinosaurs were unique as well. What are some of the things that … Read more

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